About ME!!!

My name is Francesco Gerbino, I was born in Palermo on 11/08/1978, and I have been married in 2009
I'm a freelancer  Penciler for varius pubblisher.

my history is this:

Collaboration with Alien Press to create a chapter of the comic "12"
I realized the first 16 pages for the "Michelle"; only the first 8 will be published  on the special "Cronaca Comics No. 5"
I collaborate with the Graphic Illusions Studios (American publisher) for the construction of a graphic novel "Ultraterrestrial The Unveiling" 125 page plus posters and pin up , which is expected to exit at the San Diego Comicon 2011 
I start collaboration with Heroic Pubblishing 
i have realize:
Fantastic Girl issue 1
Lyberty girl writed by a legendary Roy Thomas
Fantastic Girl issue 2 "work in progress"
The Infinites issue 6
a have also work  with Rarioactive Comics 
for realize Voltage issue 1 
i Have realized "Black Mass cover" for NAS Studio.
Actually i work for Heroic Publishing for the miniserie The Infinites i'm Penciler and inker and Fantastic girl
Collaboration with ZENESCOPE for GFT 
Collaboration with Heroic Publishing as Penciler and inker for the series G Girl, Fantastic girl and The Infinites
Collaboration with LION FORGE for Wonderous 
Collaboration with LION FORGE for Wonderous season 2 comic
Collaboration with Heroic Publishing for Fantastic girl comic
Collaboration with Rando comics for some page in No Words comic
Collaboration with Lion forge on Mike believe comic book
Collaboration with Penny Farthing press
Collaboration with Heroic Publishing